Boost labor productivity by improving on-site execution and infusing digital technology in the work site. Use EDY’s platform to visualize and manage BIM models of civil infrastructures directly on-site for more efficient construction and management of civil infrastructures’ assets.

Boost productivity and connect the team

Visualize BIM models on site to optimize operations and safety

Manage BIM models and update their information in relation to work activities

Alert the project team as the work activities are carried out and receive feedbacks

Automatically visualize updated models to speed up the operations

Optimize monitoring procedures

Create an efficient workflow, by allowing operators to update BIM models directly on site with survey data. Enhance BIM to act as a storage for survey information and avoid data loss for better maintenance planning.

Show the public

Inform the public regarding future public projects and planned maintenance interventions. Make cities and infrastructures’ data accessible for the economic and social development of the community. Improve legality and transparency of administrative processes.

Need assistance?

We provide on-demand digitalization services. We can digitize your infrastructures’ assets and provide BIM models that you can integrate in our platform.

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Find out more about EDY. We look forward to work with you to optimize the construction and management processes for your civil infrastructures.


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